Tracey Kershaw


My maternal subjectivity is central to my art practice. My work explores notions of change. I am interested in the details and familiarity of everyday events, and I focus on unremarkable, personal experiences to articulate both the extraordinary and the momentous. The profound and often overwhelming emotions that my motherhood brings have driven me to engage with other interrelated subjects such as fertility, ageing and the fragility of time passing.

My focus is on examining these emotions from the perspective of my own relationship with my son, aiming to convey universal messages about relationships between mothers and children. Extending this notion, I have considered the reverse of this relationship, reflecting upon the mother's position from the perspective of the child as an adult.

My current project, ‘tell me about your mother…’, aims to both celebrate and expose this most powerful yet often problematic relationship and is nurtured by an on-going dialogue between artist and contributors. The title references Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis, which expounds the notion that all behaviour and personality is shaped by one’s childhood and parents, with particular focus on the mother.


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