Tom Hackett


‘squaring the circle’

1000 silicone jelly shoe forms are placed to form a large floor sculpture to dominate the visual field with a bright slightly undulating circular mass of colour. Reading initially as factory made, or direct casts, a closer inspection reveals them as duplicates from observational studies of the artist’s collection of found single children’s jellies. Individually viewed they function as curious and intriguing objects, collectively they generate an extraordinary and displaced entity.

The work is a meditation on repetition and workmanship in art. The duplication of the iconic children’s shoe form en masse the work offers potential for further narrative associations.

The installation is re-configured from it prior exhibition in circular format at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery and Quenington Sculpture Trust in 2014.  Originally titled Once is an accident, twice is a revolution’ the work was funded by grants for the arts, by Arts Council England.

Tom Hackett has exhibited widely nationally and internationally.

'Hackett, who has long been up to imaginative mischief making, touches upon the simple fact of lost footwear poignantly memorialising the human presence that has vacated it. The various elements at times add up to a questioning reflection on the creative process itself.'
 Robert Clark - The Guardian 

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