Susan Greenaway


My work is embedded in an investigation of light and movement including light forms such as LED, halogen, fluorescent, iridescent , daylight, sunlight and chemiluminescent light. Selected light sources are combined with man-made materials such as Perspex or glass to produce small constructions that are moved or manipulated to produce an instant but fleeting  impression. Capturing ‘the moment’ on camera results in spontaneous, ethereal and transitory images that are not sufficiently enduring for the human eye to process. This allows me to play with the notion of the photograph being a direct representation of a ‘set’ or experience. The transformation of dimension challenges the viewer to deconstruct the image in order to find a way back to the elusive original. The interpretation, in a sense, is left to the viewer whose individual experiences and perceptions result in diverse and sometimes quirky reactions.


A member of Socket art group:

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