Simon Cook


Having spent about 35 years making figurative work, I experimented for 4 years developing a non-figurative practice. Using the technique of transparent pigments built up in multi-layers to produce a sense of depth, I now combine this with the reflective qualities of gold, silver and metal leaf to maximise the luminosity of each piece. An advantage of these methods is that as light changes so do the paintings. A burst of sunshine will transform the colour and therefore the experience of each piece.

Rather than creating an image of something we see, out outer experience, I have been exploring the way our inner selves respond to the world around us. It was of some interest to notice that we become quiet, if only for a short time, when sat by the sea looking at that unbroken, uncluttered, horizon. All that space unmarked by man. I think all people have a certain desire for space both physical and mental.

It seems to be a fundamental necessity for our well being. Of course other situations can trigger this contemplative state, that magic moment of light that illuminates a distant hill on a dark day, the colour of sunset, a poppy in a cornfield. These experiences can still the mind and bring about this essence. By reducing the figurative element, which can bring about other associations, I hope to touch on this contemplative experience in an individual and personal way. I am not seeking to send out a certain message or point of view, but to share the delight of these wordless encounters.



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