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Ricky Romain :: Human Rights Artist

The world is entering a state of change

There are so many humanitarian challenges that impact on this particular time in history that I feel I can no longer work in isolation from them. For the last twelve years I have endeavoured to create work that reflects the complexity of political conflict surrounding prominent Human Rights issues.

My work is usually figurative, whether it is exploring the poignancy of single male figures, or revealing the multi-layered ambiguity of masculine groups. The male figure is prominent because it reflects, via unconscious subjectivity, my own sensitivity in relation to global concerns. This in no way impedes my dedication to sexual equality.

I have recently exhibited paintings at The London headquarters of Amnesty International, at Tooks Chambers – the chambers of Michael Mansfield QC,The European Council Building in Strasbourg and at the Matrix Chambers in London.

It is especially fulfilling when exhibitions are collaborations that highlight the work of particular organisations. In this way my work acts as a focus for scrutiny and debate. I am interested in working with organisations and institutions that would like use my imagery to act as a focus for what they do.

Find out more about Ricky's work on his website:

Web: www.rickyromain.com

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