Paula McCann


My artwork is very much process based. I have an instinctive interaction with my chosen materials and from these I make sculptural pieces and drawings. The materials I use include things such as red thread, wax, muslin, brown paper, plywood, carpet tacks, ochre pigment, graphite and charcoal. My work is an illustration of my tactile journey with various themes, often about the landscape and its people.
My latest artworks have begun to explore the theme of the land as an archive in which we encounter the hidden history, folklore and mythology within the British landscape.
With 'Britannia the Archive Keeper' I have started to investigate the theme of Britannia and her role as the female personification of the land. Britannia was originally the old Roman name for the British Isles but it has also evolved to be representative of the spirit of the British landscape.
In the second piece, 'Under the Sycamore Tree' I have looked at the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, six farm labourers from Tolpuddle in Dorset who, in 1834, were sent to Australia for forming an illegal trade union to protest against poor wages and wage cuts. Their story is pivotal to the history of trade unions in this country.


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