Maggy Milner


Since 1990 Maggy Milner has worked and exhibited as a photographer within a contemporary art context. While developing her interest in still life photography, she explored the interface between photographic ‘reality’ and the artifice of staged installation/ still life.

She is fascinated by contradiction, disparity, eccentricity and the whimsical elements of our contemporary world. Her work is often issue based but with ambiguous, multilayered readings. When working in her studio, or at specific sites, her projects rely on fantasy, narrative and/or abstraction to convey ideas.
Since 2009 her work continued to diversify. She has experimented and exhibited with video, sound and installation. In 2008 and 2011 she produced Blue and A Delicate Balance, her first site-specific installations.  Both projects were funded by the Arts Council.

Solo exhibitions from 1995 include The Special Photographer's Gallery, London; Coningsby Gallery, London; Lan Kwai Fong Gallery in Hong Kong; Djanogly, Nottingham; mac Birmingham; Derby Museum and Art Gallery; Castle Gallery, Nottingham; Pickford’s House, Derby and The Workhouse, Southwell.
BLUE, Pickford’s House, Derby, 2008

"There's an ominous yet numinous radiance about Maggy Milner's installation in the attic spaces of Derby's delightfully creepy Pickford's  House. Simply entitled Blue, the series of backlit photographic transparencies and video loops tries to picture such horrendous subjects as civilian casualties of the Iraq war. Yet everything is done through atmospheric suggestion: abstract colours resonate; glass cabinets reflect vacated interiors; there's a hint of snuffed flames. This is minimalist still-life for an age of hypnotic 24- hour TV news and live blogs from war zones." Robert Clark review, Guardian Exhibition Listings.


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