Louise Garland



‘Garden under Full-Moon’ is an on-going floor installation, consisting of inter-changing pieces that may exist independently, within small groups, or as a larger collective whole. This aspect of self-containment or the ability to inter-relate is fundamental to the construction process.

Garland has previously used the archetype, universal symbol of the moon within her work; but the context shifts and changes. ‘Garden under Full-Moon’  explores the mechanical  aspect of nature , and the influence of the moon on nocturnal growth. There is an echo of the microcosm within the macrocosm, from the spiral of a snails’ shell, or stems of the passion flower, to planetary movements. The work is paradoxical in that the emotive, metaphysical, response is expressed in a methodical manner, with an underlying, rigorous, use of geometry and measurement.

The use of carefully selected ‘found’ objects or materials is paramount to Garlands’ work; the initial function remains apparent yet the context has been re-invented. In this case, the vehicle suspension coils, and other metallic objects have been selected for their higher, symbolic possibilities.

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