Lesley Kelly

Lesley Kelly


I graduated from the University of Derby in 2005 with a Fine Art (Hons) degree. I am Sculptor/Maker and a Visual Arts Practitioner. As a studio artist I mainly work figuratively, where I experiment with human feelings and emotions. These are transferred into figures by using body language and gesture, utilizing many different kinds of materials. For the past few years I have been working with the figure of the Minotaur, which I have developed in various scales and concepts  thereby developing a child-like appearance, which I call a child Minotaur. The reasoning behind this, is children show their feelings and emotions more readily than adults; this allows me to over state the vulnerabilities we all feel when our emotions take over. Also, the idea of what we would class as a Monster or a Beast, could it possibly have any feeling, let alone be able to show them, is part of the message I am trying to convey. Most of my work has concentrated on children’s activities and play such as birthday parties, school yard games and the conflicts and emotions which these present.

I am also interested in the darker side of human nature and the idea that there’s a monster that lingers within each one of us. So who are the real monsters, the monsters we create from our imagination or the humans that abuse and kill? Who is really the monster?

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