Jeanette Stevenson


Formerly a graphic designer/devoted landscape painter, Jeanette embraced "new media" soon after it came on the scene. Layering photographic transparencies became her passion.

Jeanette works, each day, in an old, beloved gypsy caravan with windows all around and skylights above providing the loveliest light!

Artist Statement:

"Barely believing that the natural world is not entirely forsaken for man's world I wait for the pendulum to swing back in natures direction: I blend imagery from nature and civilization to express the strange, sometimes tragic beauty of the two together through layering multiple photographic transparencies.

Flowers under glass; water perpetually stilled; a sheet metal bound summer sky are potentially intriguing concepts symbolizing nature's distress. These are constructs I have used in a few montages - beyond mere concept is my visual exploration of the continuum of nature in full bloom/ falling prey to civilization/ refusing to succumb/ sending roots leaves branches seed pods and flowers out in exultant growth...  

Wind caressed moors and swaying undersea kelp forests have not ceased their expression but instead have adapted under duress; become wan, blanched and dispirited but survived nonetheless.   

Also of the earth is metal, glass, asphalt - usually developed for antithetical purpose: rolling hills plush green, verdant, stripped bare sealed with concrete built up with steel laid in with glass panes with palm trees from some tropical rainforest carted in to decorate the interior...

And so I wait. Not entirely without hope."

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