Janet Turville


My work is about the impact of consumerism and materialism on everyday living. Re-use and recycling become more important as we live in a society where clothes and household goods are too readily thrown away or replaced before they have worn out. My art is informed by historical research and by my own childhood memories of growing up in a house where everything was used creatively once it had outgrown its original use.

I use diverse materials, incorporating found objects, textiles and knitwear in my work. These may be collaged, camouflaged or embedded with hidden objects suggesting memories, which may be clear or cloudy, lacking in clarity and detail, but always having a narrative. Unravelled jumpers become metaphors for unravelling minds. They also represent my ecological concern for rubbish in the landscape and the streams of floating debris in the seas.

I try to appeal to the collective memory of the viewer with my artworks by making something new from materials that have outgrown their original purpose. My aim is to convert objects of little worth into valued and lasting works of grace and beauty.

The world is filling up with throwaway objects far too fast.

Website: www.janetturville.co.uk

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