Helen Williams


Pataphysics is described as ‘the science of imaginary solutions’, where truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions. My work considers the uncertainty of truth, asks when and why we believe things to be true and why we may choose to suspend disbelief.

This idea is explored through the creation of a fictional world, where light can be collected, stored and released. Artefacts from this world have been collected together and form a substantial archive, including a range of scientific instruments to collect light, domestic light release devices, books, magazines, sunlight samples collected across Britain, and samples of starlight, moonlight, and comet light.

The work to be shown at the Carnival of Monsters follows the narrative of two sisters, Kate and Edie Gedye who lived in Bristol towards the end of the nineteenth century. They travelled widely across Britain and Europe, searching out experiences of rare light and collecting samples and souvenirs to take home. Kate was an amateur artist and painted ‘The Light Gatherers’, and Edie kept a journal of her travels. Their travel trunk houses a collection of souvenirs, small decorative containers, some of which remain sealed and are believed to contain original light. 

Web: www.socketart.org.uk/artists/helen-williams

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