Dee Shiels


Dee is a mixed media artist. Her work is influenced by a personal interest in social and political history. It is this history, ancient, modern and contemporary that she believes shapes and influences our identities, character and attitudes. The residue left behind that shapes and weaves its way into our contemporary personas. The ghosts and shadows of the past leaving multiple layers of impressions, beliefs and barriers beneath the surface of people’s lives, lives that are interconnected across history, continents, borders and cultures. The multiple associations’ people have with one another through the past, present and future, which can be both positive and negative, life affirming yet contradictory.

Harmony, discord and the striving for a sense of equilibrium within both self and society are important to her and are often present in her work. Her work is usually in a limited palette and will often reflect collections, communities and repetition.

‘Invisible Women’ and ‘Emissaries from the Past’ Reflects her own heritage and interest in working class women and how their lives are often demonised and airbrushed from history. Using old photographs, family stories and social history resources she has brought these particular women back into consciousness, peeping out, questioning how history is told and just reminding us of their existence.

Dee has exhibited in the UK, Sweden and South Korea.


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