Chris Wright


Primarily using installation, expanded sculpture and photography, I try to create a dialogue between space and place using temporary, ephemeral and provisional interventions. These interruptions explore in-between spaces, inside and outside, nowhere and somewhere to locate, re-locate and re-contextualise territory referencing what has been, what is or what could be. Thus my work concerns border spaces and marginal areas, that is, the spaces where one thing becomes another.

My Home is My Castle explores the notion of where personal and public space intersect and how creating a personal space within exhibition space alters the perception of what we call our own. It looks at the notion of how the centre of the home is no longer the hearth but the entertainment centre such as the television. Using pre-owned videotapes to create a netting, the castle turret–like structure can be entered and exited through a single door way.  The work alludes to the past but by the fragmented view of the outside from the inside, also references present and future.

Once inside the territory of the ‘castle’, it is, at once, private and public. It is a marginal area where inside becomes outside and vice versa. However, it also references border spaces where the castle is a lookout point as well as a place of safety. My Home is My Castle therefore presents a dichotomy of ideas and reference points that relate to concepts within my art practice.

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