Barbara Clayton


I have been reflecting on the changing face of Nottingham.  Recent and welcome arrivals such as the Carnival of Monsters clock in and other undertakings clock out, rapidly becoming ghosts.  An authentic holder of employees’ record cards required for clocking out of the workplace has been used to display reminders of many commercial enterprises which have left or ‘clocked out’ of our city.

Extinct and declining businesses became the focus of a body of work with emphasis on the lace industry, cigarette manufacture and cycle production.  I felt artwork depicting these traditional industries should be created using traditional methods, hence the pen and ink drawings and painted surfaces.  However the treatment of the content is only vaguely representational, acting primarily to provoke a train of thought and refection.

Visitors to the exhibition will be invited to recall other commercial establishments which have now departed and so add to this tribute to Nottingham’s social and industrial history.


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