Andreas Tomblin


My work focuses on the exploration of subconscious codes, energy and messages that manifest themselves within us and the world around us.  These complex codes form our innermost desires, energy, emotions, perceptions and development.  They shape us into whom and what we are as individuals and our collective consciousness.

My interest in working in a subconscious way comes from its power to communicate on a mental level allowing us to explore our own feelings and pursuit of ideals within our environment. 

Whether I am exploring subjects as diverse as eroticism, the civil rights movement, mortality or Jazz music my intention is to present the viewer not with a visual solution to a concept but to engage them in a visual dialogue of questions through the juxtaposition of the familiar and unfamiliar. I’m interested in the viewer peeling away the abstracted layers of paint discovering hidden messages and forms present in my work which in turn triggers reactions.

Working with concepts surrounding the subconscious interpretation allows me to develop my work in unexpected directions and presents fresh perspectives not only within the content of the subject matter but also within the visual language and application of the materials giving me artistic freedom and expression. 



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