Susan Greenaway (Socket)


Socket-Sue-Greenaway-relief1smMy work is grounded in an interest in contemporary architecture, its place in the community and the statement a building makes about itself. Does it invite the outside world to see inside and be a part of the inner life or, does it exclude the broader community from the business and activity within? This engagement has led me to investigate how materials are used to contribute to the signature statement of a building. How do certain materials enhance the purpose or place of the stucture. Using the properties of materials such as glass and Perspex I develop minature maquettes of imaginary constructions which are lit and manipulated before being photographed to produce images that bare no relation to the original form. This allows me to play with the notion of the photograph being a direct representation of a set or experience. The transformation of dimension challenges the viewer to deconstruct the image in order to find a way back to the illusive original.




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