Gavin Darby


Gavin works with scrap metal to create snail, flowers, birds, dogs, cats, trees, in fact just about anything you can think of. Rather than removing all traces of materials former 'designed' life the shape of the found material influences the piece it becomes. Many finished pieces contain items whose origins can be traced by those with a keen eye.

If it will take a weld there is a good chance that Gavin can use it within his work. He uses a range of metals to add to the effect of the finished piece. The preferred finish is raw metal which begins to rust quickly, colouring the piece with reds and browns. In the garden the becomes alive as is reacts with its environment, changing colour in the sun and rain.

Gavin trades under the name "frailloop" which he uses to encourage everyone to reuse, recycle and repair. Frailloop is a reference to the weakest link in the chain. The environment is complex and interconnected, but should one part fail everything will come crashing down around our ears. Many people feel that any change they could make is so small is effect would go unnoticed. However every little step as the combined effect of many small changes is positive.


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