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debbie boon'Debbie Boon' began her artistic career at Loughborough College of Art in the 1970's, studying graphics. She and her husband, Nick, also an artist, went on to run a very successful graphics and illustrations business for a number of years. Her work has illustrated a number of books published by, amongst others, 'Harper Collins', 'Hodder' and 'Egmont'.

Debbie's wonderful illustrations for children's picture books demonstrate her enduring love of texture. "Texture is, in itself, paramount to my work" she says. "The illustrations I produced for the children's picture books 'My Gran', 'Something Wonderful' and 'If you go walking in Tiger Woods' were all instrumental in my developing texture as an inherent part of the painted image".

This passion for colour and texture has taken her work to greater depths, quite literally, from the printed page to the wall! Constructing large-scale paintings on canvas, sculpting animatedly with her palette knife, Debbie creates her own signature artwork. Natural forms are vividly captured by her close attention to detail and intimate delight in the use of vibrant and deep colour. From her own photographs, Debbie begins each canvas with sculpted relief work and then applies pure pigment, Impasto acrylics and mixed medium with a palette knife. The final 3-D artwork has been described as having great depth, strength, delicacy, beauty and distinction.

The demand for these unique pieces led to the commission of a large canvas depicting a pair of 'Ravioli' shoes for Oliver Sweeney's flagship Bond Street store and also a series of six spectacular canvases for the top Michelin starred Chef, Michael Caines, at his signature restaurant in The Royal Clarence Hotel, Exeter, which is part of the Abode Hotels Group run by Michael's business partner, Andrew Brownsword. Further large scale canvases grace the walls of numerous other boutique hotels and private houses, fitting equally gracefully into both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Debbie excels in vivid portraiture, with clients travelling from all over the UK to commission her work. Working from both sittings and numerous photographs, Debbie has an uncanny ability to capture, in a fleeting moment, the life force and character unique to each individual. The real attraction of this work for clients is that these pieces are destined to become treasured family heirlooms.

This is equally applicable to animals and she seems to be able to draw out the mood and playfulness of each subject which has resulted in a series of captivating animal portraits. From pet dogs to rare breed cattle, her free use of colour and animation is a delight to behold. This recent work has seen her develop a softer, freer style, which is much sought after.

Currently, Debbie Boon is working on two very large pieces. The first is a truly innovative and exciting commission for an industrial space. The 9' x 5' canvas is to be placed on the end wall of the Fiona Cairns Cakes' factory and will take the viewer far out, into, and over, a field of glorious wheat; the eye being drawn away in to the distance. In this way Debbie is able to lift the interior of a clinical workspace and thus enhance the environment and well-being of its occupants.

This talent enlivens any such large space and Debbie has also been commissioned to paint an equally large canvas within the new Catmose College building in Oakham, Rutland. With her signature use of colour and texture depicting the variety and energy of college life, the piece will create a significant impact by complimenting and contrasting with the unashamedly functional, modernist interior.

Debbie lives in a delightful, traditional, Rutland cottage in South Luffenham, working out of her studio barn extension. She is always keen to welcome visitors by appointment.

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