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My name is Alice Georgina Thickett, and I am project manager of N.O.N. For the Carnival of Monsters I will be working with the New Art Exchange to make a project which activates the gallery space and make it a living creative space.

The artist is Halkawt Tahir who lives and works in Nottingham, studied at Nottingham Trent University and has exhibited most recently at The Crocus Gallery.

Artist Statement:

I am from Kurdistan of Iraq, and my work has always been a direct

expression of my life experiences as a child growing up in a land where I

was forbidden to be myself. Most of all, my work is to show my journey

through life, of past troubles and my journey to a better life. I graduated

in Fine Art and throughout my study I was sure that it would lead to this

better life. I learned many things and grew as a person. However, life

after university is not easy for me. I am faced with a world full of

disappointment. I try to express my experiences and how I have been

lost in my aims, and questioned myself.

Everything that comes to us is in our hands to control it; otherwise it will

control us’.

Up to date Tahir’s work has been very reminiscent and political but I now extend the challenge to him to make work that relates to his current situation and surroundings. To illustrate this, he has chosen to use found materials to make his art that he has been collecting from the place he currently works.

Writer Oliver Scott will also be taking up residence and writing in the same space. His initial ideas are as follows: “Essentially I want to look at the idea of being a flaneurial observer but from a static point of view and mix that with concepts of serendipity and the physical reality of movement and times relationship with space. Other points of reference will be, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Vivekananda, dreaming, existentialism.”

To document the process in the space I will be publishing a collection of photographs, essays and creative writing from artists and writers from all over the county, including Sarah Butler from Urbanwords (London) and Wayne Burrows (currently writer in residence at Nottingham Contemporary). I feel it is important to have a dialogue throughout a project to document and interrogate the themes involved as it reaches an even wider audience and can be an effective way to round up a project.

There will be an event on the 22nd where all of the people involved in the project will be available in the space to talk to, as well as the artist and writer working, and an event by First Floor Theatre group. The residency project will documented by NAE and Photographer David Clarke, and live on N.O.N’s twitter page.


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