Karl-Johan Stigmark


The art of Karl-Johan Stigmark is based on observation and amplification of minimal course of events. His works are full of nuances, and his method is likewise of many depths, it is both simple and complex. The visual is anchored and extended to
linguistic and existential phenomena - in a naked form but with a restrained physical clarity.

Recurring media are photography, sound and performance. He has created several works including words. These are public but at the same time private and are charged by the context. In contexts requiring sensation or immediate clarity his work has not made itself seen. His work is best seen in a restrained environment, not least because the surroundings often
play a part in the work.

The last years he has produced several artistsĀ“ books such as, "various parts corners world", "stains, words", "cracks and other cracks", "loose ends" and "antonyms".

Synopsis: Karl-Johan Stigmark's Sprickor och Andra Sprickor (Cracks and Other Cracks) further advances a body of work that seeks to define the im/material by performing minimal interventions and documenting the minutia of daily life. Within the pages of this artist's book (many of which have been left blank to underscore the materiality of the printed pages), Stigmark presents a collection of highly detailed photographs documenting the cracks and fissures in his bedroom ceiling, where the paint is beginning to peel away and the structure of the room is slowly changing, causing hairline fractures to appear.

Website: www.stigmark.com

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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