Jessica Paige Greig


My work explores emotions, biology & sexual politics, entwined with Nature. I am attracted to Flora's reproduction & deterioration; & I am fascinated with the intricacies of nature, I link these to human experience through art, regularly using anthropomorphism.

My sculptures are inspired directly from Nature, such as the inner workings of tiny seeds, often viewed on a macro level. I want to evoke a feeling of connection & belonging to the natural world, I want the audience to realise that they too are nature, I achieve this my using (human) flesh toned sculpting material, giving the sculpture veins & a shine akin to skin, making it look as human as possible. I also encourage my sculptures to be held/ touched by the viewer in order to adopt a deeper connection.

Current Installations are inspired directly from Nature, using found objects to create bower bird type nests as backdrops to narrative tableau, housing paper cut-out dolls & drawings. I explore a variety of media including; Installation, Non-Traditional Sculpture, photography, collage, drawing & painting.


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