Björn Larsson


The images of cars is part of a story of Sweden in the beginning of the 21´st century. Objects of desire, traces of European industrial and technological achievements here manifest themselves in car brands: Volvo, Saab, etc.

The series is part of a larger work called Works of Translation - a cooperative project together with hand colourists from Egypt.

The foundation for the project is a possibility, or a suggestion, to view hand colouring of black and white photographs as an act of translation. Within this project there are different threads in different series of images. All images in the series Cars in Landscapeare are shot in Sweden and have been handcolored by Maha Keml, Cairo, Egypt. The project has been going on since 2001.

Interpretation of landscape and the concept of nature has for long time been major elements in a number of works by Björn Larsson.


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