Barbara Coulam


Exhibiting in - Pavillion Two: Trent Villas

I began working with glass 10 years ago, having always been fascinated by its magic properties, whilst studying for a Decorative Arts degree at Nottingham Trent University. I specialized in glass early on, experimenting with many techniques. Although greatly enjoying fusing, slumping and blowing glass, I found investment casting allowed a greater degree of control, enabling me to 'freeze' the volatile medium in any form I wished. I subsequently graduated with First Class Honours determined to continue with my passion. I was chosen to exhibit my cast glass collection at 'New Designers' in the Business Design Centre in London, which opened many doors, including exhibiting at 'Ambiente' Trade fair in Frankfurt, and at the Islington Art & Design Fair, as well as other Galleries country wide.

Following my graduation I worked for a year as part-time Artist in Residence at the McNeill Glass Studio, King's Barn, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, where I learnt a lot from Jacqui and Bill McNeill. I now work exclusively with recycled materials, making decorative and practical glassware for domestic use, as I like to make items which are going to be useful, as well as glass pictures inspired by my watercolours, and jewellery.


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